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Ballard’s Brewery Magazine has a passion for all things beer and the traditions that the UK has built up through the years in regard to pubs and breweries. For the most recent updates on the brewing industry with a special focus on craft brewing, visit frequently.

Events and Activities

Together with the variety of craft breweries and beers, there are many festivals and tasting events that will keep any beer lover smiling. Whether you are a local or a tourist, we provide details on where to attend the most anticipated beer events in and around Hampshire and where to find tastings.

Breweries in Hampshire

With the passion that comes with craft brewing in Hampshire, many breweries are constantly opening up and trying their hand at the industry. Find out more about the most traditional and interesting breweries to operate in Hampshire and what they are up to.

We provide details on the most iconic beers, ales, and ciders crafted in Hampshire and the ingredients that make Hampshire beer stand out in the UK.

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