The world has become quite obsessed with craft beer. More so in the UK, where pub culture has always been quite well-known, Hampshire is a small town and stands out as the destination for all beer lovers looking for a different type of pub culture. With Hampshire standing out as a craft beer destination, we look at what the ingredients might have to do with it and how craft beer, in particular, gets its taste from speciality ingredients. These are the main ingredients used in brewing. Water Since beer is 95% water, the type and quality of water used play an important part in makingRead More →

With the popularity of craft brewing not showing any means of slowing down in Hampshire, the craft culture is slowly reaching an online presence, with not only craft breweries selling online but also shops selling all brands of local beer. These are among the most ordered from online beer shops in Hampshire. Beer Hawk –  Beerhawk is a dedicated online shop for all things craft beer and delivers throughout the UK. The company was established in 2012 with a mission of bringing delicious craft beers to beer lovers throughout the UK. They love sharing their love for craft and speciality beers and sellingRead More →

With the passion and dedication that Hampshire has for craft brewing come beer festivals that provide beer celebrations like no other. With beer festivals in Hampshire, beer lovers can expect some of the best ales and ciders, live music, street food, and a craft beer spirit like no other. These are some of the most anticipated beer festivals in Hampshire for 2022. Fleet Lions Beer Festival –  This year’s Fleet Lions Beer Festival will be sponsored by the Langham Brewery, which will also be hosting the festival. The festival will be sponsored by 40 real ales, ciders, a gin bar, hog roast, and more.Read More →

Both Surrey and Hampshire are seen as the UK’s home of the most tasteful independent brewers who are passionate about crafting the best beer in the country. With guided tours, sour beer, ales, lagers, and great pub food, these craft breweries will provide you with an experience like no other. Visit any of these breweries for a local and passionate brew-tasting experience. Ringwood Brewery  Ringwood Brewery is famous for its ales named Best Bitter, Boon Doggle, Forty Niner, and Old Thumper. Open from Monday to Saturday. They stand as a popular destination for locals and tourists to get their fix of some of Hampshire’sRead More →