Beer Drinking Games for Casino Parties

Gambling and beer have long been successful at working together. Whether at a pub or a casino, usually both gambling and beer drinking will be taking place. Just look at almost any gambling photo or painting, and you will probably spot a beer somewhere.

Now you can combine your favourite beers with your favourite casino games. This list details all the necessary information to get started.

Dart Poker

Dart Poker is a popular gambling game to play in the bar. Whether the prize is a beer or cash, it’s an entertaining and traditional gambling and drinking game. Darts are probably the most played game in a bar setting together with a pool. When combined with drinking beer, the player needs to hit the cards that are stuck to a dart board to get 3 a kind, royal flush, or any other hand they may choose.

Shot Roulette

This will demand some DIY effort as the players need to create a carton wheel and design it to work the same way as a roulette wheel. Many people will place shots of beer at different parts of the wheel. If the wheel end by pointing towards the shot or glass, the person whose turn it was should drink.

Barfly Blackjack

Barfly Blackjack is a popular game among regular pub crawlers. In this game, the two people play blackjack the same as normally expected when they lose a hand. They need to take a sip of their beer. For standard online blackjack games, register with Griffon Casino and experience a whole new world of gambling.

Combining beer-drinking games with casino games can become quite entertaining and teach you something new about combining different games. As with gambling and drinking, all participants should always consider being responsible and enjoying their games with care.