Must-Visit Craft Breweries in Hampshire

Both Surrey and Hampshire are seen as the UK’s home of the most tasteful independent brewers who are passionate about crafting the best beer in the country. With guided tours, sour beer, ales, lagers, and great pub food, these craft breweries will provide you with an experience like no other.

Visit any of these breweries for a local and passionate brew-tasting experience.

Ringwood Brewery

Ringwood Brewery is famous for its ales named Best Bitter, Boon Doggle, Forty Niner, and Old Thumper. Open from Monday to Saturday. They stand as a popular destination for locals and tourists to get their fix of some of Hampshire’s best ales. The brewery is well known for being one of the most celebrated craft breweries in Hampshire.

Dancing Man Brewery

The Dancing Man Brewpub provides beer lovers with a selection of their own brewed New England IPAS, sour beers, best bitters, and imperial stouts. They have situated in the beautiful Southampton’s Wool house, a historic building with a rich history. Expertise in local Hampshire brewing together with grub that you will never forget.


Pilgrim is a legend in British craft brewing. The brewery has been brewing since 1982 and has won various awards for its efforts, including three medals in International Brewing wards. Some of the most popular beers brewed by them include Quench, Progress, Quest, and Surrey Bitter. This stands as the perfect craft brewery to visit for a guided tour as visitors can learn about one of the oldest craft breweries in Hampshire.

Andwell Brewing Company

The Andwell Brewing Company keeps craft beer culture alive and acts as a family business providing locals and tourists with some of the most traditional tasting recipes. The brewery was established in 2008 and saw a quick growth when it relocated in 2011 due to needing to expand the brewery to accommodate the orders and customers they were attracting. The brewery is situated in Andwell, Hook, Hampshire, and tours start from £7.50.

These pubs and craft breweries create some of the greatest beers in the UK, as Hampshire is seen as the craft beer destination of the country and attracts beer lovers from all over the world.