Upcoming Beer Festivals in Hampshire

With the passion and dedication that Hampshire has for craft brewing come beer festivals that provide beer celebrations like no other. With beer festivals in Hampshire, beer lovers can expect some of the best ales and ciders, live music, street food, and a craft beer spirit like no other.

These are some of the most anticipated beer festivals in Hampshire for 2022.

Fleet Lions Beer Festival –

This year’s Fleet Lions Beer Festival will be sponsored by the Langham Brewery, which will also be hosting the festival. The festival will be sponsored by 40 real ales, ciders, a gin bar, hog roast, and more. This will stand as the 14th anniversary of the festival, and they are focusing on raising funds for local scouts and guides together with live music performances from bands ‘The Zone’ and ‘The Kindred Spirit Band’.

Sherfield on Loddon Beer Festival – 24 September

The Sherfield on Loddon Beer Festival is one of the most anticipated beer festivals for 2022 and provides not only real ales and ciders but also hot food, live bands, and a free evening minibus to get home. The festival takes place in all weather conditions as it has indoors and outdoor.

Hampshire Octoberfest – 16 to 17 September

The Hampshire Octoberfest is seen as the most widely attended beer festival in Hampshire every year. This will stand as the 12th Hampshire Oktoberfest to be held at the Basingstoke Cricket & Sports Grounds. Experience locally produced real ales and ciders as well as wine drinks and an extremely tasteful street food menu to stay full. The festival has a lively music atmosphere local, and out-of-town musicians join in on the entertainment.

Woolston Beer Festival – 1st and 2ND October

The Woolston Beer Festival is situated a mere 10 min walk from Woolston station, making it easy for anybody to take part in this fantastic beer festival. They showcase over 25 real ales, ciders, beers, and tasty food. The festival usually brings well-known local and out-of-town musicians to provide musical entertainment.

Beer festivals bring music, food, and beer lovers together for a celebration of one of Hampshire’s oldest traditions, craft brewing. With master craftsmen and breweries who are slowly innovating the whole craft beer industry by being ‘real,’ these festivals are must-visit festivals for any beer connoisseur.